Laboratories - Electrical Engineering

All laboratories are well-equipped with the latest hardware and software tools to support knowledge dissemination in the classroom and provide hands-on practical experience. 

Electrical Machine Lab

This laboratory deals with electrical machines which includes different electrical A.C. & D.C. machines like single phase and three phase transformers, single-phase induction motor, various fractional horse-power motors, 3-phase Induction motor, synchronous motors and alternators, D.C.generator, D.C. motors, with different ratings.

Electric engineering Laboratories

Power System Lab, Switchgear & Protection Lab

This laboratory includes well designed panels on modern transmission line simulation models, various switchgears, PLC trainer with software, relay testing panel & advance programmable microprocessor based relays. The major power system protection panels include feeder protection, biased differential protection of transformers, induction motor protection. This lab consists of different types of software used in electrical engineering namely MATLAB, MIPOWER. Lab VIEW, PSPICE etc.

Electrical Machine Lab
Department of Electrical Engineering

High Voltage Engineering

High Voltage Laboratory is well equipped with all the advanced equipments like impulse generator of 150 KV – 5 stage, HV transformer, HVDC rectifier, capacitor divider, resistance divider, solid insulation tester up to 30 KV, liquid tester up to 100KV, high voltage tesla coil, spark gap, rod gap, sphere gap, insulation testing unit and oil testing unit. Various experiments like rod gap arrangement for flat electrode, pointed and square electrode, various sphere gap arrangement, impulse generator testing, HVAC measurement through capacitor divider, HVDC rectifier application, transformer oil testing and solid insulation testing for wood, mica, paper & bakelite to be performed to enhance the practical skill.

Power System Lab

Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments

This laboratory is equipped with various trainer kits for verification of network laws and theorems. It also includes various kits for AC/DC bridges, standard cell, potentiometers, dual trace oscilloscopes, function generator and various other measuring devices.

Analog & Digital Electronics

Analog Electronics Laboratory is well equipped with various analog trainers for experiments related to basic characteristics and applications of diodes, transistors and operational amplifiers. Various amplifier configurations and oscillators related experiments are carried out in the laboratory. There are various test and measuring instruments such as function generator, power supplies, digital multi meters, cathode ray oscilloscope and breadboard. Various experiments such as logic gates, combinational logic circuits and sequential logic circuits. At the end of the sessions students are given small project. Students use SSI and MSI digital ICs for performing experiments.

Switchgear & Protection Lab

Power Electronics & Devices

In Power Electronics & Devices lab, uses different devices (SCR, MOSFET, DIAC, TRIAC, IGBT) characteristics kits, half-wave, full-Wave rectifier kits, DSO, CRO, power supplies, function generator. And contains various laboratory modules for electrical drives and thyristor control devices.

High Voltage Engineering
Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments

Microprocessor and Embedded System Lab, Control Engineering Lab

Microprocessor and Embedded System Lab provides students with hands-on experience with building, programming, testing, and debugging processors and microcontrollers. This lab incorporates software and hardware experiments with a Microprocessors & microcontrollers system. 

Assembly language programming, simple input/output interfacing, serial parallel interfacing and interrupt processing in Microprocessors & amp; microcontrollers systems. The hardware consists of 8085, 8086 training kits, 8051 micro-controller training kits and ARM controller kits. The lab also has computers and relevant software packages. The purpose of this lab is to provide practical experience to the students. Laboratory experiments are to teach assembly language programming for 8085/8086 Architecture, 8051 microcontrollers, PIC controllers.

Control Engineering laboratory is facilitated with various experiments. This laboratory includes trainer kits like Root-Locus and different controlling equipments and simulators like stepper motors, servo motors, techo generator, synchros. All these equipments are supported by a backbone of standard electronic test and measurement instruments (oscilloscopes, powers supplies, signal generators), networked PC workstations, and Matlab/Simulink software licenses for co.

Analog & Digital Electronics

Project and Design Lab

The Design Lab is the brand new home base of the product innovation project. It is a working environment enabling creative work, knowledge sharing and experience exchange. All facilities are designed for flexible use, with free interaction and prototyping made as easy as possible. The space can be easily modified and rearranged for various set-ups and different purposes of use. Meanwhile, the overall layout of the design lab encourages open communication and spontaneous encounters. The laboratory helps the students with required knowledge to show their innovation and understanding of the subject through hardware and software based system design. This laboratory enhances the learning experience of the students in different domains, the students have learnt in the three years of study of engineering. The lab is also equipped with power scopes, oscilloscopes, multimeters, measuring instruments like wattmeter, ammeters and voltmeters.