Laboratories Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

The department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering imparts formal education in the field of materials and metallurgical engineering along with hands-on practice. The department is equipped with sophisticated instruments such as image analysis system, metallurgical microscope, spectrometer, complete foundry sand testing facility, mineral processing equipment, induction melting unit and heat treatment furnaces. To achieve the same, well-equipped laboratories, central and departmental libraries are available to support students throughout the course of their studies. Faculty members and students are encouraged to carry out research and industry-oriented projects.

Foundry and Welding Lab

Foundry laboratory is equipped with all foundry sand testing equipment. Hands-on practice on foundry technology is provided through “Indus Foundry Training and Research Centre” (IFTARC). The Welding Laboratory is housed with TIG and MIG welding facility for metal joining processes. Experiments on welding are performed with the above machines together with hands-on practice.

Non-Destructive Testing and Corrosion Lab

This Laboratory is equipped with basic Non–Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment for testing such as liquid penetrant testing (LPT), magnetic particle testing (MPT) and ultrasonic testing (UT). The students carry out experiments using these equipments. Corrosion experiments are performed relating to deposition by electrolytic method and dissolution under various electrolytes. Wide range of samples of various metals and alloys for demonstration – on degradation due to corrosion in different environments are available.

Heat Treatment and Physical Metallurgy Lab

Microstructural study of various metals and alloys including the determination of volume fractions of phases and their distribution are carried out by the UG and PG students using microscopes and image analysis system, and facility of furnaces for the heat treatment of metals and alloys under controlled atmosphere are available in this laboratory. This facility is used for regular practical sessions, B. Tech projects, and M. Tech dissertations.


Process Metallurgy Lab

Mineral dressing and mineral processing are two crucial components in process metallurgy. Its laboratory is equipped with mineral dressing equipments such as jaw crusher, roll crusher, ball mill, sieve shaker, and floatation cell. With regard to mineral processing, drier, mixer, pelletizer and sintering/firing units are available. The students can get hands-on experience and carry out various experiments with the help of these equipments.