Designing Club, SAC

Makeup Tutorial Workshop

27 February 2021

Fashion club orginized make-up tutorial workshops for the men and women.  A workshop was conducted on 27th February 2021 by Ms. Viralee shah. She is expert into the same field. The workshop explained to the participants about how to do easy makeup and look good. The expert explain students and staff about steps of doing below mention 3 makeup look.

1. Casual makeup look

2. Formal makeup look for male and female

3. Party makeup look for male and female.

The Workshop was attended by more than 48 Participants which included students from all branches.

Participants learn about Steps involved in different makeup and about different cosmetic products available in the market and their use.

The workshop was facilitated by Ass. Prof.Bhargavi Modi, Faculty Coordinator, Designing Club, Student Affairs Committee, followed by Coordinators of fashion club – Malvika Makwana and Yukta Parikh. The feedback and response from the attendees were great and we hope to host more such workshops in the future while taking into consideration the constructive feedback received from the attendees.

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