Faculty Debate on Demonetization

The purpose of disagreement is not victory or defeat, it is progress and this was proved at the faculty Debate competition organized at Indus University on 9th December 2016, with a view to get the participants and the audience to have a holistic perspective on the issue of Demonetization. This intellectual debate on the issue became an opportunity to afford clarity on the issue that has dominated the Parliament and gripped the nation.  The stimulating session was divided into two rounds, first being an individual presentation of views on the topic and the second entailed counter attack between the warring teams.  The open round of discussion was extremely invigorating for the judges and audience alike, who were in rapt attention for the war of titans.

The book prizes were given away to the best debaters.  Prof. Mamta Amin secured First Prize, followed by Prof. Nitin Gurnani at Second position, and Third Prize was shared by three members namely Dr. Mrunal Chaudhari, Prof. Hinal Shah and Prof. Rahul Shah.

The event was coordinated by Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) with Dr. Samir Gopalan and Prof. Ravindra Parulekar in key roles of the event coordinator and the debate moderator respectively.  The judges were Dr. Shashi Tandon, Dean Academics & Director IITE, Dr. Dipti Sethi, Professor, IIMS, Mr. P.J.Maniar, Joint Registrar, IU.  Fourteen participants included Prof. Vishal Goel, Dr. Vishal Dahiya, Prof. Mamta Amin, Dr. Mrunal Chaudhari, Prof. Rahul Shah, Prof. Hinal Shah, Prof. Hardik Mehta, Prof. Vivek Gautam, Prof. Nitin Gurnani, Prof. Ronak Patel, Prof. Jalpan Dave, Prof. Dharmendra Sapariya, Prof. Arvind Joshi, Prof. Neelam Belani, who deserve special acknowledgement for excellent preparation and active participation.

The faculty members in the audience too actively participated in the discussion at the end of the debate. They were highly appreciative of such an initiative and all unanimously agreed to the Executive President’s proposal to conduct more such debates/group discussions in future.