The first in house Intensive Teaching Workshop (ITW) at Indus University was organized from 28th December’16 to 5th January’17.  This Intensive workshop aimed to enrich the teaching competence of our fraternity across all constituent institutes of the university.  The initiative was spearheaded by Major Gen. Dr. Dasaka, Executive President Indus University and Core Resource persons including Dr. Dipti Sethi, Professor from IIMS and Dr. Sujoy Chaudhary, Head of the Department from Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering.  It has focused on improving teaching effectiveness, interaction with students, class-room management and ensuring academic standards to name a few.  Mainly such workshops aim at making the teacher and their teaching relevant in today’s world, wherein the teacher and the student have access to the same study material.

In the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Dasaka briefed faculty members about the importance of active participation in such workshops, which are designed to bridge the existing gap between students’ needs and teaching methodology.  He emphasized on the role of a teacher, which does not limit to only dissemination of knowledge but to help young learners know where to find the knowledge, to differentiate ‘good’ from ‘bad’ knowledge. Twenty identified faculty members were to make power point presentations and use chalk-talk method on selected subject-specific topics shortlisted by the heads of respective departments. The team consisting of Chief Resource Person and Subject Expert were to judge each presentation on its content, delivery and teaching effectiveness.  These sessions were interspersed with Expert talks by Heads of the Departments and External experts on a variety from general to specific topics on improving teaching methodology and effective classroom management.  With a new year’s resolve to preside over democratization of knowledge, the ever enthusiastic teachers displayed exemplary participation in this workshop, with a hope to benefit from more such intensive teaching and training workshops in the future.