An initiative towards Forests and Environment conservation by the renowned Wildlife photographer Mr. Bhalu Mondhe

Mr Bhalu Mondhe is an acclaimed wildlife photographer from Madhya Pradesh. He is also a renowned painter and sculptor having taken his early lesson in photography and other art forms from Dusseldorf Arts Academy, Germany. He has founded the Nature Volunteers (TNV) to protect a severely threatened bird habitat and a wetland called Sirpur Lake, Indore. Recently he presented his contributions as the wildlife photographer in the book titled ‘Vultures of Panna’ to Dr.Nagesh Bhandari, President IU for the library of Indus University. The gesture is an initiation to disseminate vital knowledge for forests and environment conservation to the youth of this country.

Mr. Bhalu Mondhe in his interaction with Architecture students, working on the proposal of Solid Waste Management in the village of Ambli, advised them to collect information on current waste collection method, number of waste collectors and the weight of waste at each collection point and its total. With emphasis on ecological importance Mr.Mondhe raised several environmental concerns at Ambli and area surrounding Indus University to be taken up as a pilot project for further solid waste management plans.   The interaction proved enriching and informative.