An educational visit of NCC cadets was organised at Indus University. Around 70 cadets of Air and Naval Wing remained present in the campus. Mr. Sumeet Tembe, Senior Under Officer and an ex-student of Indus Institute, Mr. Durgadas, MWO, were also present with the cadet.

At the onset of the session was a highly interactive & informative lecture by Lt.Colonel Nagar (Rtd) of AAA. Captain Nidhi then continued with a presentation on history about flying aircraft and career options in commercial flying. Members were also briefed about different types of aircrafts and the evolution taken place in the technology of aircrafts. This way modernization & development in aeronautical technology was the main focus of discussion.

Post the classroom sessions, the cadets were divided in three groups & were taken for a Campus Tour and a visit to the Workshops. They were informed about the working of different aircrafts like Zenair, Microlight, Mig 21 etc. They were also shown different parts of the aircraft together with an explanation about its making and functioning.

The workshop session was immensely interesting as it gave them a firsthand exposure about different fields like WIIA, AAA and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) that would aid them to make a sound career choice. It also proved to be an educative session for the cadets as they took fond memories of the event along with them.