Robotics is defined as the field of Engineering that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots in various areas such as computer science, character animation, machine design, cognitive science, biomechanics, android science, artificial intelligence, Nano-robotics and robot surgery.

The course on Robotics at Indus University aims to train students as robotics specialists to achieve diverse tasks intelligently by designing robots (automated machines) that can assist humans in a variety of settings, from manufacturing processes, to working in critical conditions, unsuitable for human life. With this course, students will earn findings related to computer graphics, gadgetry, mobile robot programming, robotic motion methods, mathematical algorithms, social implications of technology, and more. Apart from learning specific scientific methods, students will gain skills that involve mathematical thinking but also artistic vision. The postgraduate course in robotics will prepare specialists in competencies such as technology design, programming, repairing and installing equipment for machines, etc.

Career paths in robotics cover large societal concerns, from medicine to engineering and IT.

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