Webinar on

A Conversation on Leadership

Positions and Women

26 August 2020

The Department of Languages organized ‘A Conversation on Leadership Positions & Women’ on the occasion of Women’s Equality Day on 26th August’20.  The invited guest was Dr. Avani Desai, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration at GLS University.  A renowned author and an academician, Dr. Desai touched upon finer aspects of equality at workplace in the corporates and educational institutes through her own personal insights in the domain.  She highlighted the nuances of conventional standards associated with women, working women and leadership roles which are always camouflaged as being ‘normative’ or ‘normal’.  Dr. Mamta Pillai, Head of the Department of Languages, through one of the questions on ‘competence likeability dilemma for women’ opened up whole new dimension for the viewers to re-think the stereotypes associated with both men and women.  Thought provoking questions urged the expert to come up with intuitive observations and members in the audience to introspect about the role of women in leadership positions. The conversation also proved to be a guiding light for women on the verge of entry into the professional world.  The representative from Indus University Management, Ms. Radhika Bhandari, through her consistent presence, never misses an opportunity to encourage such unsettled debates and conversations surrounding women equality, for which Department of Languages extends its gratitude. A thoroughly well-organized event ended with a fruitful interaction between the guest and the participants. 

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