Webinar on ‘Why ELT?’

Department of Languages

24 June 2021

Department of Languages organized a counselling webinar on ‘Why ELT?’ for students interested to know more about English Language Teaching as a discipline for post-graduation education.  Total 27 participants registered for the webinar on 24th June 2021.    

The invited expert Dr. Nitin Pillai rationalized the significance of ELT as the next frontier.  A versatile educationist in the field of Language Teaching & Assessment, Dr. Pillai delivered an impactful presentation on key areas – Economic value of English, dearth of ELT experts in the market, the way this gap can be bridged through plethora of career opportunities.  

Dr. Mamta Pillai, Head, Dept. of Languages emphasized about Advantage Ahmedabad and Advantage Indus University in part of her presentation followed by an interaction of students with the expert.  Prof. Pranjal Bhatt coordinated the session. The feedback received was encouraging.  Indus University is thankful to the invited expert who willingly agreed to be part of the webinar only for spreading more awareness about the domain of English Language Teaching to prospective students.