Webinar on

Why ELT?

August 2, 2020

Department of Languages organized a counseling webinar on ‘Why ELT?’ for students interested to know more about English Language Teaching as a discipline for post-graduation education.

The invited expert Dr. Nitin Pillai rationalized the significance of ELT as the next frontier. A versatile educationist in the field of Language Teaching & Assessment, Dr. Pillai delivered an impactful presentation on key areas – Economic value of English, the dearth of ELT experts in the market, the way this gap can be bridged through the plethora of career opportunities.

Dr. Mamta Pillai, D/y Head, Dept. of Languages emphasized Advantage Ahmedabad and Advantage Indus University in part of her presentation followed by an interaction of students with the expert. Prof. Pranjal Bhatt & Prof. Aashna Shah coordinated and moderated the session. The feedback received was encouraging.

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