One-day Workshop for PG/UG Students on

Enhancing Employability and Life-Skills

24 Oct 2020

The Department of Languages organized a One-day Workshop on Enhancing Employability and Life-Skills for PG & UG students on 24th October, 2020.  The workshop was conducted by the faculty members of the Department of Languages. The first session was conducted by Prof. Aashna Shah. The session titled Body Language is the New Bling demonstrated to students about the most integral component of non-verbal communication with her unique inclusion of Rasa Theory giving it an Indian context. The second session by Prof. Pranjal Bhatt was on Developing Statement of Purpose which helped students about essentials of an SOP, especially those who are to step into the corporate world. The final session Acing the Interview conducted by the Head of the department Dr. Mamta Pillai enlightened students as she effortlessly debunked the existing myths about Interviews and gave useful tips towards how students must prepare for before, during and after stages of the in Interview process. 

The workshop witnessed an active participation of students from different disciplines.  The inclusive approach of the workshop encouraged the students to move beyond their comfort zone and interact with the faculty members as well as with the group.

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