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Aviation technology courses are ideal for students interested in flying or managing aircraft. It helps one earn an undergraduate degree in aviation. Common introductory courses in aviation technology teach students the basics of aviation and aviation science. They are educated about fundamental aeronautics to learn about regulations, safety, meteorology and flight planning. Courses may teach students to fly a plane and educate them on how the weather affects aircraft operations; an aviation technology programme covers aircraft engines, electrical systems, and structures. Students often do internships to practice working on an aircraft. Here are some concepts commonly explored in aviation technology programmes:

• Safety and security features
• Air pressure patterns
• Electrical systems
• Navigation
• Turbine engines

Aviation technology department provides an excellent opportunity for the students who are seeking a career in Aviation. With well-equipped labs and facilities, Indus University provides a favorable environment for students who aspire to build their career in this field. Providing live practical training to students under the guidance of highly qualified staff, Indus transforms students into technically competent candidates, prepared to deal with real-life challenges and to excel in their elected careers.
Aviation technology department aims to achieve the highest standards of maintenance through available facilities and mark as one of the best training departments in the Aviation sector.

Undergraduate degree programmes in aviation technology cover numerous topics, including proper safety procedures, transportation regulations, and aviation ethics. The students shall learn about the aviation industry, inspection programmes, and standard operation practices. They also explore how different types of engines and fuel systems work. On completion of this degree, students shall have substantial knowledge about the aviation industry and its components.

Mechanical Lab: This department has a large engineering workshop comprising of airframe shop, welding shop, fitting shop, hydraulic shop & pneumatic shop, engine shop, composite shop, machine shop, battery shop and equipped with flight control mockup, Boeing 747 landing gear, and air-conditioning unit.
Avionics Shop: Another is a well-equipped Avionics lab for thoroughly learning and performing hands-on practical jobs in the avionics section. Students are trained on various mock-ups of Aircraft to make the training session seem more realistic. To sum up, every workshop or equipment has been built or placed to enhance the capabilities of students, turning them into skilled technicians.

In-line with the National Civil Aviation Policy, the University Grants Commission (UGC), in consultation with Ministry of Civil Aviation has approved a new syllabus for B. Sc. (Honours) course in Aircraft Maintenance catering to the requirements of the industry with effect from May 2017. The same has been published and made available on UGC website. Department of  aviation Technology of ITE is the pioneer in offering this three year duration B. Sc. Honours Programme in Aircraft Maintenance. This course is ideal for students who are keen to pursue a career in the field of aviation.

The Only Institute in India to have boeing 737-200 Aircraft for Practical Training at campus


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Indus University has state of the art laboratory equipment's
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