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The Department of Languages (formerly under Science & Humanities Department) was established in 2019 under Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities & Liberal Studies.  Since the establishment of Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering (2006) and Indus University (2012), Humanities Department had catered to various disciplines across Engineering, Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Information Technology & Basic Sciences at Indus University.  The objective is to create an English language proficient workforce through training the trainers/teachers and the students, methodically in the latest trends of language and literature teaching hence making them industry-ready with plethora of opportunities in the market.


The Department of Languages aims to educate and train students who have an inclination for literature and language. Literature being the corner stone of Language studies will be delivered through an experiential method where students will explore and analyze fictional and non-fictional works of prose, poetry, drama and classic works of art.  The syllabus has also been designed to assist students for further research in the field of Literature.  This will assist students in gaining language and ultimately in making a career in the domains of content writing, editing, proof-reading; copywriting, public relations, reporting, teaching, and novel writing on acquiring a Degree.

Students interested in Language can also opt for English Language Teaching. The course is designed to train Language Proficient Workforce of tomorrow. Students will be learning aspects of language teaching including, but not limited to phonetics, syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics, and pragmatics along with Principles of Language Teaching, Materials Development, Second Language Acquisition and Language Testing & Assessment. Upon completion of this programme, students will master the following three fields of linguistics: theoretical, descriptive and applied linguistics. This course shall open several doors in the field of academia as English Language professor, translator or trainer in private firms, forensic linguist with reputed syndicates or a lexicographer.

Excessive demand for linguists and creative individuals makes English literature and English Language Teaching the most sought after subjects in developing economies like India.


Department of Languages boasts of experts in language and literature, qualified to be the guide to research scholars. Scholars are provided with a wide scope to explore American, African, Indian, Australian Literature and English Language at Indus University.

Being a promoter of development and innovation at societal, educational and country level, research holds great value at Indus. Research scholars are introduced to course work for the first two semesters where, in the first semester, assigned faculty members familiarize scholars with the actual research papers. From the fundamentals of research methodology to plagiarism, every essential aspect of a research paper is taught to prepare scholars for the second term of course work.  In the second term, critical review, analytical, reading, and reasoning skills are developed under the guidance of a research expert. In order to refine the above-mentioned skills, one of the criteria includes writing assignments along with the referred books to review. At the end of each semester, scholars appear for a written test on research methodology and scholastic research paper writing. 

We at IISHLS are committed to explore possibilities & engage our students in this cultural paradigm through practice, research & development to help them identify the very need, avenues & purpose through historical & contemporary practices to develop a
futuristic vision for the benefit of the larger human environment. 


Indus University believes in creating an immaculate amalgamation of serene environment/milieu fused with leading-edge technologies to augment the vigor and verve of all learners and boost their morale to optimize their learning efforts.

The English Language Lab is a conscientiously created language learning software solution.  English Language Lab is designed to enhance students’ language skills, thus increasing employability and ensuring a successful career. It makes the teaching and learning of language highly enjoyable.

The Language Lab practical input prepares students to communicate in English with clarity and confidence. It offers the best in terms of continuous evaluation, content, teaching expertise and methodology.  The sessions are designed to train students in soft skills to help them succeed in recruitment process.  A strong and conscious effort is made to make the process of learning interesting, innovative and exciting.  Besides the development of language, the activities undertaken are also aimed towards development of their self esteem and confidence through presentations and competitions. The students are exposed to several practice activities where s/he can practice words by listening to the correct pronunciation, recording his voice and comparing his recording with correct pronunciation. In the language classroom care is taken to ensure that students recognize speaking, listening, reading and writing as active & constructive processes.

PG Courses Offered
1. Master of Arts in English Literature
2. Master of Arts in English Language Teaching

Admission Process
Admissions are open.
Apply Online on the following link and Visit IU Campus with required eligibility certificates.
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Course Duration

Eligibility Criteria
Graduation (BA in English)
20 Seats
Tuition Fees
Rs. 18,000 per annum

Faculty Members

experienced faculty members

Activities of the Department

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