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It is believed that, ‘Mathematics is the queen of sciences,’ because it has its share in the foundation of every technological development. In fact, it acts as a solid base on which rests the structure built by engineering branches. Looking at the huge role Mathematics has to play in building competent engineers; a separate Department of Mathematics has been established under the umbrella of Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Studies. 

The department presently caters to prepare a solid foundation of Mathematics for the students of engineering, computer applications, aviation, and management studies. During this process, the students learn about calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, integral transforms, vector calculus, numerical analysis, statistics, complex analysis, operations research, probability, and discrete mathematics. These branches of Mathematics help develop logical skills, which ultimately prepares students to excel in their chosen field of study. In addition, the knowledge of basic concepts and its application equips them resolve the concerns in smart ways.

The department has commenced two years’ post-graduate program in Mathematics from the academic year 2019-20. It is a comprehensive study of different branches of Mathematics, which have applications in diverse fields such as engineering, computer science, biology, human physiology, artificial intelligence, aviation and management. The curriculum includes core and application based courses on real analysis, complex analysis, linear algebra, differential equations and its applications, special functions, numerical analysis, number theory, discrete mathematics, control theory, abstract algebra, industrial mathematics, financial mathematics, bio-mathematics, fractional calculus, artificial neural networks, fluid mechanics, the theory of relativity, operations research, mathematical software and other relevant courses. On successful completion of master’s degree, students shall be able to join academia or industry as Mathematics faculty, research scholar, statistician, quantitative analyst or actuary.

From the academic year 2020-21, the department has started an undergraduate program B. Sc. in Mathematics. This program prepares the students in the core branches of Mathematics like, calculus, geometry, differential equations, algebra, analysis, operations research, numerical analysis, topology and also computer programming. This will equip the students with not only Mathematical, analytical and logical skills but also programming skills. The students of Mathematics will be at advantage of cracking competitive exams for higher studies and jobs. Number of carrier paths will be open to the students after completing B. Sc., like higher studies in Mathematics up to the level of Doctorate, management, computer applications, information technology, and jobs in corporate, banking and insurance sector.

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Eligibility: 12th   Std. (Science stream with Mathematics)

Intake: 60 seats

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics

Intake: 40 seats

According to the eligibility criteria, students who have successfully completed their Master’s degree in Mathematics are entitled to join the PhD program. They have to go through a rigorous admission procedure including an entrance exam followed by a presentation and an interview by selection committee.

Every domain of study plans to expand its horizons. It can happen by consistent research, creating new theories and models to solve societal problems or answer the questions unanswered. Recognizing the same, the Department of Mathematics has been offering PhD in Mathematics since 2013.
The strength of the department lies in its well-qualified faculty members eligible to guide students in the field of Special functions, q-theory, Financial mathematics, Biomathematics. Faculty members are constantly encouraged to upgrade and update themselves with the current trends in the field. At present a few scholars are pursuing their doctoral research in various branches of Mathematics.
Apart from the above mentioned fields, the department is planning to offer a PhD in the following domains shortly: Artificial neural networks, graph theory, and control theory.

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