E-SYNC association organized a three-day Circuit Designing workshop from 20th April 2016 to 22nd April 2016, conducted by 6th semester (EC) student Jesal Patel, 6th semester (EEE) student Vasu Kalaria and 4th semester (EEE) student Vinit Seth. There were a total of 20 participants and the kits were provided by E-SYNC association.

Details of the workshop:

Day -1 
Introduction to basic electronics
Brief intro on discrete e-components
physical review of e-components
regulator IC intro

Day -2 
Circuit design and solder session
Stimulation of power supply circuit in proteus software
GPB design layout

Day -3
Practical demo on how to make PCB
Designing of power supply circuit in PROTEUS ARES
Testing the GPB circuit board