Indus University celebrates its 6th Annual Cultural Festival RHAPSODY ‘14 this April 2 & 3, 2014 at the university campus. The most awaited week of the year entails Indus Pratibimb’14- the reflection of latent talent of students in the varied fields of Arts-Literary, Painting, Photography, Movie Making, Fine Arts, & Culinary skills. Simultaneously the campus is immersed in Sports Carnival termed Indus Prakhar’14- the celebration of athletic abilities of the young & agile students of the university. The events canopied under Pratibimb & Prakhar allow free flow of creative energies eager to find an avenue to express itself at the right forum and reveal the inner artist hidden in every individual. The culmination of this week results in what can be termed a cultural extravaganza called RHAPSODY’14, a sheer spectacle of students’ multi-faceted personalities performing with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm and showcasing their potential in Song, Dance, Drama & Band performances. The most grandiose finale this year lasted for two days, with such immense response in terms of participation left the enthralled audience, comprising of students & faculty members, craving for even more.