‘Rhapsody ’13- Celebrating the Euphoria of Youthful Energy, the finale was a profound mix of art & music from mellifluous songs, dramatic skit performances, soulful Indus rock band-Pravah, and electrifying dance performances which set the stage for the evening. At Indus Campus, the evening came alive with an ebullient exhibition of talent in performing arts & cultural events by the students of Indus. 200 hundred student performed the different acts and 2000 audiences slipped into a night of revelry and swayed to the beat of music & dance .It was an august gathering attended by University Patron Dr. Nagesh Bhandari, Associate Patron Mrs. Ritu Bhandri, Executive President and Vice Chancellor Dr. D.P Giridhar, Registrar Col. S.K Sharma and other top dignitaries of the college

Faculties and the student, who excelled academically in the previous year were rewarded and recognized. Everyone savored delicious flavors of food items on display at the food stalls installed by the canteen of the University. Rhapsody’13 became a spectacle of unbridled excitement & guaranteed the ambience of the campus was Energized and Buoyant with no dull moment.