A 15 day workshop on Vehicle Systems Overhaul & Elucidation was organized by Indus University. This workshop is a special vocational training certificate course for undergraduate engineering students offered by Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering (Indus University) – Automobile Engineering Department. Students from within the Indus University and outside colleges were invited to attend the workshop. The workshop was started with 15 students initially. However, due to huge interest shown by students, the batch was increased to 20 students.

Most undergraduate Automobile/Mechanical Engineering students study all the theories at their respective colleges/universities, but when you open a bonnet of a car and ask them about various systems on them where they are located, how they look and how they actually work, they look completely puzzled.

This course is inline with our Indus University tagline – Where Practice Meets Theory. This course enables participants to first go through a normal theory session (similar to a lecture) on each system everyday and then have a practical session where they open each and every component of a system – touch it, feel it, see how it actually works, diagnose the types of problems that can occur to each system and then assemble it. This gives them immense confidence and bridges the gap between the theories they have studied throughout the year and the actual working of the systems. The car that was used for the workshop was a Maruti 800cc (Fronty) car. As far as Indian automobile industry is concerned, it is a benchmark. It was loaded with all the modern technologies when it was launched in mid eighties. However, it still did not have all those systems work on modern electronics which enables the faculties to show how these systems work on mechanical principles.

Further to this, we also discussed the current technology and where the future lies of the automotive industry. This will help students to prepare for their projects and do other research activities.

The systems which are covered during this course are as follows:

  • Starting System
  • Charging System
  • Ignition System
  • Cooling System
  • Carburetor & Injection System
  • Battery & Lighting System
  • Clutch
  • Transmission
  • Final Drive and Differential System
  • Braking System
  • Suspension SystemSteering System
  • Wheel Alignment and Balancing
  • Maruti 800cc Engine Testing & Performance


On the 15th day, at the end of the workshop, the participants were ecstatic to have had an opportunity to attend a workshop like this. The overwhelming response from the students had prompted the Indus University Management to conduct more of such workshops. These 20 students had already requested the University to conduct a training workshop on an IC engine at the earliest. They were extremely happy with the effort that was put in by the Indus University Management and the faculties to ensure the success of the workshop. Especially, the students from the other colleges were very happy to see the setup and facilities that are provided by the Indus University for their students.