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Chemistry is a subject of basic science, which impeccably bridges other natural sciences like physics, geology & biology. By studying the fundamental properties of substances and their transformations, the students who aim to be a chemist will be able to find out the solutions of many scientific challenges and contributes to solving many of the significant societal challenges faced by the world today. The developments in chemistry during the last few decades have been phenomenal. The credit goes to the re-discovery of the importance of chemistry in virtually all walks of life. United Nations declared the year 2011 as the International Year of the Chemistry (IYC 2011).

Department of Chemistry has been established at Indus University, taking in view the considerable demand of qualified and hardworking chemists in almost all industries like chemicals, pharmaceutical, glass, oil and paints, minerals, cement, herbal cosmetics and many more.

This department attempts to enable students to make meaningful contributions to our diverse, technological society and to improve the lives of the citizens. 

The aim of the department to be an exceptional in chemical science education and research which is renowned for its multidisciplinary projects and innovations to serve the emerging needs of country.

Admission Process
The Admission Committee of Indus University will admit students on the basis of merit. Students need to register themselves by online form –  Submit Online Form

Students can walk-in and get admission in the course after interaction and approval by the admission committee.

For more information call on +91 76220075049825865103 or email

Course Duration
3 Years (6 Semesters)

Students who have passed Higher Secondary examination (10+2) in science, with/without Mathematics.

100 seats

Tuition Fees
Rs. 30,000 per annum

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M.Sc. – Chemistry
The course aims to provide a comprehensive study of various branches of chemistry. It shall cover various thrust areas of organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry.

The two-year postgraduate course is offered in the below-stated two areas of chemistry:

1) Organic Chemistry: Organic Chemistry is a branch of chemistry, which deals with the study of organic compounds and their synthesis mechanisms.
2) Analytical Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials.

Admission Process
The Admission Committee of Indus University will admit students on the basis of merit. Students need to register themselves by online form (Click here for filling Online Form)

Course Duration
M.Sc. – Chemistry- 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Graduation in Chemistry are eligible to take this program.

40 Seats

Tuition Fees
Rs. 50,000 per annum

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According to the eligibility criteria, students who have successfully completed their Master’s degree in Chemistry are entitled to join the PhD program. They have to go through a rigorous admission procedure including an entrance exam followed by a presentation and an interview by selection committee.

Every domain of study plans to expand its horizons. It can happen by consistent research, creating new theories and models to solve societal problems or answer the questions unanswered. Recognizing the same, the Department of Chemistry has been offering PhD in Chemistry since 2017.
The department of chemistry has experts who are qualified to guide students aspiring to make their career in research. Here is a brief list of areas open for research:

• Nano-chemical sensors
• Soft Nano-materials for pharmaceutical application
• Supramolecular chemistry
• Bio-inorganic Chemistry
• Bio-Analytical Chemistry
• Computational & Theoretical Chemistry
• Solution Chemistry
• Polymer Synthesis and its Applications

Faculty Members

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