Indus University entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Gujarat Institute of Competitiveness to establish GIC-Indus Chair of Competitive Studies at Indus University to achieve the following objectives:

  • Creation of a competitive reports for the State of Gujarat based on the available information about global competiveness with respect to strategies for Industry growth. Action shall be initiated to develop a policy action plan.
  • Creation of a number of focused competitiveness index reports to help Industries particularly focusing on SME’s and Clusters to enhance their competitiveness and also to propose focused actionable analysis to develop policies to enhance the competitiveness of them.
  • Creating models and indices to establish a framework for measurement of Competitiveness with respect to non- profit organizations and communities.
  • Creating reports about competitiveness of our Nation to establish inter-alia its influence on interstate competitiveness.
  • The MOU was signed by Dr. Nagesh Bhandari, President Indus University and Mr. Jayesh Ganatra, Secretary General GIC on 8th February, 2014 in Board of Management of Indus University in the presence of Mr. Jagat Shah, Mr. Maulik Dave, Members of BOM Executive President and Deans of the Indus University.
  • This MOU aims at constitution of a Chair Selection Committee comprising members of GIC and Indus University with GIC providing the necessary initial inputs and the activities carried out by Members of Indus University.